Novel technology for sustainable Water


Lean, M. Novel technology for sustainable water. Water Summit and Sustainable Silicon Valley Annual Meeting; 2009 December 7; Mountain View, CA.


Changes in human demographics brought about by rapid urbanization places severe stress on existing water infrastructures and systems. Water engineers and urban planners have to re-think the current conventional design and invent new approaches that could result in a more resource efficient, scalable, and sustainable delivery of water services. This talk describes an innovative approach to water treatment that offers significant advantages in cost and space. Due to the novelty of this concept, we are able to consider only the data for an R&D prototype system. However, the compactness, scalability, modularity, and extensibility of this system make it a viable candidate as an integrated treatment train for efficient urban water management. This talk will discuss the flexibility of the system to allow urban water infrastructure systems to adapt to changing environments, increasing customer usage, increasing spatial constraints, and provide a measure to achieve lower water and energy footprint.

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