Experimental Demonstration of a Broadband All-Dielectric Metamaterial Perfect Reflector


Moitra, P., Slovick, B. A., Yu, Z. G., Krishnamurthy, S., & Valentine, J. (2014). Experimental demonstration of a broadband all-dielectric metamaterial perfect reflector. Applied Physics Letters, 104(17).


All-dielectric metamaterials utilizing Mie resonances in high-permittivity dielectric resonators offer a low-loss alternative to plasmonic metamaterials. Here we present the demonstration of a single-negative all-dielectric metamaterial, comprised of a single layer of cylindrical silicon resonators on a silicon-on-insulator substrate, that possesses peak reflectance over 99% and an average reflectance over 98% across a 200 nm wide bandwidth in the short-wavelength infrared region. The study is also extended to disordered metamaterials, demonstrating a correlation between the degree of disorder and the reduction in reflectance. It is shown that near-unity reflection is preserved as long as resonator interaction is avoided. Realization of near-unity reflection from disordered metamaterials opens the door to large-area implementations using low-cost self-assembly based fabrication techniques.

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