First Estimates of Volume Distribution of HF-Pump Enhanced Emissions at 6300 and 5577 Angstrom: a Comparison Between Observations and Theory


Gustavsson, B., Kosch, M., Wong, A., Pedersen, T., Heinselman, C., Mutiso, C., Bristow, B., Hughes, J., and Wang, W.: First estimates of volume distribution of HF-pump enhanced emissions at 6300 and 5577 Å: a comparison between observations and theory, Ann. Geophys., 26, 3999–4012,, 2008.


We present bi-static observations of radio-wave induced optical emissions at 6300 and 5577 Å from a night-time radio-induced optical emission ionospheric pumping experiment at the HIPAS (Fairbanks) facility in Alaska. The optical observations were made at HIPAS and from HAARP located 285 km south-east. From these observations the altitude distribution of the emissions is estimated with tomography-like methods. These estimates are compared with theoretical models. Other diagnostics used to support the theoretical calculations include the new Poker Flat AMISR UHF radar near HIPAS. We find that the altitude distribution of the emissions agree with electron transport modeling with a source of accelerated electrons located 20 km below the upper-hybrid 

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