On the minimum side information of MIMO broadcast channel


Wang, Z.; Ji, M.; Dritsoula, L.; Sadjadpour, H.; Garcia-Luna-Aceves, J. J. On the minimum side information of MIMO broadcast channel (Best Paper Award). European Wireless Conference (EW 2010); 2010 April 12-15; Lucca, Italy. Piscataway, NJ: IEEE; 2010;26-33.


We introduce a technique to achieve dirty paper coding (DPC) capacity asymptotically with minimum feedback required reported to date in literature. Our approach called opportunistic interference management, is based on a new multiuser diversity scheme designed for wireless cellular networks. When there are K antennas at the base station with M mobile users in the cell, the proposed technique only requires K integer numbers related to channel state information (CSI) between mobile users and base station. The encoding and decoding complexity of this scheme is the same as that of point-to-point communications. In order to guarantee fairness, a new algorithm is proposed which incorporates opportunistic interference management into existing GSM standard.

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