Online planning for a material control system for liquid crystal display manufacturing


Do, M. B.; Uckun, S.; Crawford, L. S.; Zhang, Y.; Ohashi, A.; Okajima, K.; Hasegawa, F.; Kawano, Y.; Tanaka, K. Online planning for a material control system for liquid crystal display manufacturing. 21st International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS); 2011 June 11-16; Freiburg, Germany.


The hyper-modular printer control project at PARC has proven that a tightly integrated model-based planning and control framework can effectively control a complex physical system. Recently, we have successfully applied this framework to another application: planning for the Material Control System (MCS) of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) manufacturing plant in a joint project between the Embedded Reasoning Area at PARC and the Products Development Center at the IHI Corporation. The model-based planner created at PARC was able to successfully solve a diverse set of test scenarios provided by IHI, including those that were deemed very difficult by the IHI experts. The short projecttime (2 months) proved that model-based planning is a flexible framework that can adapt quickly to novel applications. In this paper, we will introduce this complex domain and describe the adaptation process of the Plantrol online planner. The main contributions are: (1) introducing a successful application of general-purpose planning; (2) outline the timeline-based online temporal planner; and (3) description of a complex warehouse management problem that can serve as an attractive benchmark domain for planning.

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