Paper-centric structuring in learning processes


Steimle, J.; Brdiczka, O.; Muehlhaeuser, M. Paper-centric structuring in learning processes. Eighth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT ’08); 2008 July 1-5; Santander, Spain. NY: IEEE; 2008; 685-687.


Structuring constitutes an important means for enhancing individual and collaborative learning processes. This paper introduces two new concepts for augmented semantic structuring of paper-based learning processes. Digital paper bookmarks can be used for individually structuring, indexing and tagging learning documents. The learner cube along with digital paper Post-its provides a new structuring method for collaborative face-to-face learning meetings. Both concepts rely on the Anoto technology, permitting to track and digitalize the paper-based learning process. A first pilot study indicates that digital paper bookmarks and tangible interaction are promising tools for structuring the individual learning process.

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