PARC Developments in Biomedical Devices


Pirmoradi, F.; Whiting, G.; Schwartz, D. E.; Ready, S. E.; Veres, J. PARC Developments in Biomedical Devices. Sensor Technology and Systems Integration for Human Performance & Health Devices, Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium (NBMC) Workshop; Boston, MA USA. Date of Talk: 10/17/2014


Digitally fabricated sensor systems that are mechanically flexible or can be integrated into three dimensional objects are promising for applications where human health or performance is required to be continuously monitored. Advancements towards an electro-chemical biosensor system based on direct, additive printing of biomaterials will be described that enables biomarker measurement via non-invasive continuous operation. Furthermore, PARCs activities in the areas of drug delivery, high throughput calorimetry, sensitive flow cytometry, and glucose detection via optical techniques will be summarized.

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