PARC’s Bridge question answering system


Bobrow, D. G.; Cheslow, R. D.; Condoravdi, C.; Karttunen, L.; King, T. H.; Nairn, R.; de Paiva, V.; Price, L.; Zaenen, A. PARC’s Bridge question answering system. Proceedings of the GEAF (Grammar Engineering Across Frameworks) 2007 Workshop; 2007 July 13-15; Stanford; CA.


This paper describes a system designed to robustly map from natural language sentences to logical, abstract knowledge representations (the Bridge system). The system runs on PARC’s parser, generator, and ordered rewrite platform XLE. The Bridge has been extended to include a type of light inference, based on an entailment and contradiction detection algorithm which also runs on XLE. The paper then describes a search and question answering application Asker which uses the Bridge to create a semantic index of text passages and which allows a user to query the index in natural language.

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