PPD: Platform for Perceptual Document Analysis


Saund, E. PPD: Platform for Perceptual Document Analysis. for documentation of our PPD software project, initially for posting on our web site. 11/1/2011


PPD (Platform for Perceptual Document Analysis) is a software base for research and development of technology prototypes in document image analysis. PPD was developed in Java by the PARC Perceptual Document Analysis Area from 1999 to 2011. This document provides the following documentation of PPD: -An overview of PPD’s purpose, history, and design principles. -Architecture. -Listing of major functional elements in terms of Eclipse projects, packages, and classes. Because PPD classes contain many thousands of methods (functions), we do not go to that level of detail here. -Guide to getting PPD up and running, specifically the Developer application, with examples. -Listing of major research PDA efforts and how they are implemented in PPD. -Listing of Intellectual Property resident in PPD.

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