Printed circuits and sensing systems


Whiting, G. L.; Ng, T.; Schwartz, D. E.; Van Tassell, B.; Gaikwad, A. M.; Steingart, D. A.; Veres, J. Printed circuits and sensing systems. American Vacuum Society 60th International Symposium and Exhibition; 2013 October 30; Long Beach, CA USA.


Low-temperature processable, mechanically compliant materials and the use of printing as a manufacturing technique enables fabrication of flexible electronic systems over large areas at low-cost, potentially allowing for novel applications and more widespread use of such systems. In this report recent developments made in printed systems technology will be presented, including examples of printed complementary circuits, sensors and power sources fabricated using techniques such as ink-jet, screen and gravure printing; as well as integration of these devices into functional printed systems. Circuits in this work are based on ink-jet printed complementary organic field-effect transistors (FETs), which benefit from simplified design in comparison with unipolar circuits. Design rules for these devices have been determined and models describing the characteristics of these FETs have been developed to aid in designing circuits that can tolerate variation in the performance of printed transistors. In addition to ink-jet, devices have also been fabricated using a gravure method, providing a potential route to large-scale production of printed electronics. Flexible, printed batteries suitable for driving these systems have also been developed and will be described.

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