Printed thin film transistor: materials and applications


rias, A. C.; Ng, T.; Whiting, G. L.; Daniel, J. H. Printed thin film transistor: materials and applications. Organic Field-Effect Transistors X; 2011 August 22-23; San Diego, CA. SPIE Proceedings 8117: 81170Y.


The combination of organic semiconductors and emerging solution-dispersible metal and metal oxide nanoparticles and nanowires enables the fabrication of electronic devices that are fully built from solution. This establishes a new device-processing platform that, in turn allows integration of functionality in systems not feasible in any conventional semiconductor technology. Examples of novel applications and systems enabled by this include: large-area, ultra light and flexible power harvesting, logic-integrated sensing and memory technologies. In this paper we discuss the use of organic Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) based on printed solution-processed materials for displays and memory applications. Polarizable solution-processed dielectrics and polymer semiconductors were integrated in the fabrication of non-volatile analog memory arrays. The stability of memory TFTs over 7 days was studied and characterized, and a stable process to achieve all printed TFTs is presented.

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