Proactive path maintenance over regions of interest in MANETs


Sampath, D.; Garcia-Luna-Aceves, J. J. Proactive path maintenance over regions of interest in MANETs . IEEE LOCAN Workshop at MASS-2008; 2008 September 29; Atlanta, GA.


We present Elliptic Demarcation of Information Transfer (EDIT) as a scheme to maintain paths between a source and destination more robustly and limit signaling overhead incurred in mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). EDIT establishes regions of interest on demand, based on distances between a relay node and a source-destination pair, and maintains proactive signaling within this region of interest. We prove the correctness of EDIT, which is based on a progressive sequence numbering scheme, and show that the elliptical regions of interest built by EDIT are more efcient than the traditional use of TTLs, which establish circular, undirected boundaries around destinations. Simulation results comparing EDIT against location aided routing (LAR)[1], AODV[2], and OLSR[3] indicate that EDIT enables on-demand routing that is far more efcient than AODV and OLSR, and is comparable to LAR, but without the need for geo-location information.

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