Designing, Deploying, and Operating Instrumentation in the Polar Regions


Johns, B., Stehle, R., & Chetty, S. (2010). Designing, Deploying, and Operating Instrumentation in the Polar Regions: 6th Annual Polar Technology Conference; Boulder, Colorado, 25–26 March 2010.


The 6th annual Polar Technology Conference was held to discuss technical challenges and innovative solutions for polar research. Eighty polar researchers and equipment vendors from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom attended the event, and speakers presented challenges and solutions for geophysical research applications. The conference included an interactive discussion format with the theme “Users helping users–reducing the barriers to entry and increasing the likelihood of success with power, communication, and deployment challenges.” These discussions facilitated working-level connections among researchers in different disciplines faced with similar problems. The sessions were also an opportunity for vendors and support providers to hear firsthand the technical and logistical challenges faced by the polar research community.

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