Highly Polarized Green Light Emitting Diode in m-Axis GaInN/GaN


You, S., Detchprohm, T., Zhu, M., Hou, W., Preble, E. A., Hanser, D., … & Wetzel, C. (2010). Highly polarized green light emitting diode in m-axis GaInN/GaN. Applied physics express, 3(10), 102103.


Linearly polarized light emission is analyzed in nonpolar light-emitting diodes (LEDs) covering the blue to green spectral range. In photoluminescence, m-plane GaInN/GaN structures reach a polarization ratio from 0.70 at 460 nm to 0.89 at 515 nm peak wavelength. For a-plane structures, the polarization ratio is 0.53 at 400 nm and 0.60 at 480–510 nm. In electroluminescence the polarization ratio is 0.77 at 505 nm in 350×350 µm2m-plane devices at 20 mA. Such a device should allow 44% power saving compared with nonpolarized c-plane LEDs combined with a polarizing filter, as commonly used in LED-backlit liquid crystal displays.

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