Tomographic Molecular Imaging of X-Ray-Excitable Nanoparticles


Pratx, G., Carpenter, C. M., Sun, C., Rao, R. P., & Xing, L. (2010). Tomographic molecular imaging of x-ray-excitable nanoparticles. Optics letters, 35(20), 3345-3347.


X-ray luminescence computed tomography (XLCT) is proposed as a new dual molecular/anatomical imaging modality. XLCT is based on the selective excitation and optical detection of x-ray-excitable nanoparticles. As a proof of concept, we built a prototype XLCT system and imaged near-IR-emitting Gd2O2S:EuGd2O2S:Eu phosphors in various phantoms. Imaging in an optically diffusive medium shows that imaging performance is not affected by optical scatter; furthermore, the linear response of the reconstructed images suggests that XLCT is capable of quantitative imaging.

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