Scalable printed electronics: an organic decoder addressing ferroelectric nonvolatile memory


Ng, T.; Schwartz, D. E.; Lavery, L.; Whiting, G. L.; Russo, B.; Krusor, B. S.; Veres, J.; Broms, P.; Herlogsson, L.; Alam, N.; Hagel, O.; Nilsson, J.; Karlsson, C.; Karlsson, C. Scalable organic electronics: a printed decoder addressing ferroelectric nonvolatile memory. Nature Scientific Report; August 2012.


Scalable circuits of organic logic and memory are realized using all-additive printing processes. A 3-bit organic complementary decoder is fabricated and used to read and write non-volatile, rewritable ferroelectric memory. The decoder-memory array is patterned by inkjet and gravure printing on flexible plastics. Simulation models for the organic transistors are developed, enabling circuit designs tolerant of the variations in printed devices. We explain the key design rules in fabrication of complex printed circuits and elucidate the performance requirements of materials and devices for reliable organic digital logic.

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