Selective Reduction of a Pd Pincer PCP Complex to Well-Defined Pd(0) Species


Melero, C., Martínez-Prieto, L. M., Palma, P., del Rio, D., Álvarez, E., & Cámpora, J. (2010). Selective reduction of a Pd pincer PCP complex to well-defined Pd (0) species. Chemical communications, 46(46), 8851-8853.


Well-defined dimeric or polymeric Pd(0) complexes [Pd(μ-iPrPCHP)]n (n = 2 or ∞) containing the bridging ligand α,α′-bis(diisopropylphosphino)-m-xylene (iPrPCHP) are produced under mild conditions when the cyclometallated PCP pincer complex (iPrPCP)Pd–OH reacts with methanol or isopropanol.

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