Socio-semantic conversational information access


Sahay, S.; Ram, A. Socio-semantic conversational information access. Proceedings of the 21st International Conference Companion on World Wide Web (WWW ’12); 2012 April 16-20; Lyon, France. NY: ACM; 2012; 807-814.


We develop an innovative approach to delivering relevant information using a combination of socio-semantic search and filtering approaches. The goal is to facilitate timely and relevant information access through the medium of conversations by mixing past community specific conversational knowledge and web information access to recommend and connect users and information together. Conversational Information Access is a socio-semantic search and recommendation activity with the goal to interactively engage people in conversations by receiving agent supported recommendations. It is useful because people engage in online social discussions unlike solitary search; the agent brings in relevant information as well as identifies relevant users; participants provide feedback during the conversation that the agent uses to improve its recommendations.

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