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Conference Paper  February 1, 2014

Software-Defined Cyber-Physical Multinetworks

SRI Authors Grit Denker



Qin, Z., Do, N., Denker, G., & Venkatasubramanian, N. (2014, 3-6 February). Software-defined cyber-physical multinetworks. Paper presented at the International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC'14), Honolulu, Hawaii.


In its simplest eventdriven form, each sensor node performs periodic measments of the surrounding air temperat and sends alerts to surveillance personnel if they exceed a threshold. . shows a typical deployment pattern of the sensor nodes that achieves a good field coverage . For a fast response time, the coverage of even small areas requires a large number of sensor nodes, making this application representative for cost, networking and deployment issues of the eventdriven highdensity IoT application class. In the simplest star topology, the sensor nodes connect directly to the gateways, and each gateway autonomously connects to the server.

Ideally, the field deployment proced enss that each sensor node is received by more than one gateway to avoid single points of fail of the network. This application can be part of all threeWSN categories eventdriven as we have seen, timedriven e.g., if the sensor nodes periodically send the air temperat, and querydriven e.g., if the current temperat can be requested by the operator.

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