Solution-processed memristive junctions used in a threshold indicator


Ng, T.; Russo, B.; Arias, A. C. Solution-processed memristive junctions in a threshold indicator. IEEE Transactions on Electronic Devices. 2011 October; 58 (10): 3435-3443.


Memristive metal/oxide/metal structures were patterned by inkjet printing, and these printed crossbar junctions were characterized to infer ionic and electronic transport parameters such as mobility and ion distribution. The flux dependence was measured for an individual junction as well as for junctions connected in a series. It was found that continuous dopant redistribution under increasing flux led to a peak in conductance. The mutable conductance of memristive devices was utilized to demonstrate a threshold indicator, in which the crossbar junctions were connected with a piezo sensor input and an electrophoretic display output. The memristive circuit would switch the color of display pixels depending on the number of input pulses sensed by the piezo. The threshold indicator demonstrates that memristive junctions can be used as threshold switches. It was fabricated with passive circuit components and does not require an external battery.

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