Computing Logical Form on Regulatory Texts


Dinesh, N., Joshi, A., & Lee, I. (2011, July). Computing logical form on regulatory texts. In Proceedings of the 2011 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (pp. 1202-1212).


The computation of logical form has been proposed as an intermediate step in the translation of sentences to logic. Logical form encodes the resolution of scope ambiguities. In this paper, we describe experiments on a modest-sized corpus of regulation annotated with a novel variant of logical form, called abstract syntax trees (ASTs). The main step in computing ASTs is to order scope-taking operators. A learning model for ranking is adapted fortius ordering. We design features by studying the problem of comparing the scope of one operator to another. The scope comparisons are used to compute ASTs, with an F-score of 90.6% on the set of ordering decisions.

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