Dialogic: A Core Natural-Language Processing System


Grosz, B. J., Haas, N., Hendrix, G. G., Hobbs, J. R., Martin, P., Moore, R. C., … & Rosenschein, S. J. (1982). DIALOGIC: A core natural-language processing system. In Coling 1982: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Linguistics.


The DIALOGIC system translates English sentences into representations of their literal meaning in the context of an utterance. These representations, or “logical forms” are intended to be a purely formal language that is as close as possible to the structure of natural language, while providing the semantic compositionality necessary for meaning-dependent computational processing. The design of DIALOGIC (and of its constituent modules) was influenced by the goal of using it as the core language-processing component in a variety of systems, some of which are transportable to new domains of application.

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