Modeling Pitch Range Variation Within and Across Speakers: Predicting F0 Targets when “Speaking Up”


Shriberg, E., Ladd, D. R., Terken, J., & Stolcke, A. (1996). Modeling pitch range variation within and across speakers: Predicting f 0 targets when “speaking up”. In Proceedings of the 4th international conference on spoken language processing (pp. 1-4).


We study F0 variation produced by “speaking up”, as part of a larger study of pitch range variation within and across speakers. We provide a function to predict target F0 values in this “raised” mode from F0 values at corresponding locations in speech produced in a neutral mode. Targets were F0 measurements at points of low internal variability in read Dutch sentences produced by 15 speakers. Results showed that the speaker dependent variability was well described by an additive-multiplicative model in the linear frequency domain. Furthermore, across speakers, the additive and multiplicative parameters were negatively correlated. One free speaker-dependent parameter could therefore be eliminated by adding a single speaker-independent linear constraint.

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