Within-Session Variability Modelling for Factor Analysis Speaker Verification


Vogt, R., Pelecanos, J. W., Scheffer, N., Kajarekar, S. S., & Sridharan, S. (2009). Within-session variability modelling for factor analysis speaker verification. In INTERSPEECH (pp. 1563-1566).


This work presents an extended Joint Factor Analysis model including explicit modelling of unwanted within-session variability. The goals of the proposed extended JFA model are to improve verification performance with short utterances by compensating for the effects of limited or imbalanced phonetic coverage, and to produce a flexible JFA model that is effective over a wide range of utterance lengths without adjusting model parameters such as retraining session subspaces. Experimental results on the 2006 NIST SRE corpus demonstrate the flexibility of the proposed model by providing competitive results over a wide range of utterance lengths without retraining and also yielding modest improvements in a number of conditions over current state-of-the-art.

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