Stanford-UBC at TAC-KBP


Agirre Eneko, Chang Angel X, Jurafsky Daniel, Manning Christopher D, Spitkovsky Valentin I, Yeh Eric. Stanford-UBC at TAC-KBP., in TAC, 2009.


This paper describes the joint Stanford-UBC knowledge base population system. We developed several entity linking systems based on frequencies of backlinks, training on contexts of anchors, overlap of context with the text of the entity in Wikipedia, and both heuristic and supervised combinations. Our combined systems performed better than the individual components, which situates our runs better than the median of participants. For slot filling, we implemented a straightforward distant supervision system, trained using snippets of the document collection containing both entity and filler from Wikipedia info boxes. In this case our results are below the median.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC

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