Synthesis of novel pyrene discotics for potential electronic applications


Kaafarani, B. R., Lucas, L. A., Wex, B., & Jabbour, G. E. Synthesis of pyrene discotics for electronic applications. Tetrahedron Letters, 48, 5995-5998, 2007.


Novel pyrene discotics, 6,7,15,16-tetrakis(alkylthio)quinoxalino[2,3:9,10]phenanthro[4,5-abc]phenazines, TQPP-[SR]4, were synthesized efficiently. The HOMO and LUMO energy levels of TQPP-[SR]4 were estimated to be 5.57 eV and 2.97 eV, respectively. The average saturation hole mobility of TQPP-[C12H25]4 was not, vert, similar103 cm2 V1 s1.

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