Textual inference logic: take two


de Paiva, V.; Bobrow, D. G.; Condoravdi, C.; Crouch, R. S.; King, T. H.; Karttunen, L.; Nairn, R.; Zaenen, A. Textual inference logic: take two. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Contexts and Ontologies: Representation and Reasoning (C&O:RR) collocated with the 6th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modelling and Using Context (CONTEXT-2007); 2007 August 21; Roskilde, Denmark.


This note describes a logical system based on concepts and contexts, whose aim is to serve as a representation language for meanings of natural language sentences. The logic is a theoretical description of the output of an evolving implemented system, the system Bridge, which we are developing at PARC, as part of the AQUAINT program. The note concentrates on the results of an experiment which changed the underlying ontology of the representation language from CYC to a version of WordNet/VerbNet.

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