The role of communities at CHI 2011 and beyond


Lund, A.; Begole, J. The role of communities at CHI 2011 and beyond. To appear in ACM Interactions Magazine. Jan-Feb 2011.


A short article describing the role of the “Communities” organization at the CHI conference. The field of Human-Computer Interaction is inherently multidisciplinary comprising multiple communities of practice. Unlike a melting pot, however, the CHI conference does not intend to assimilate the multiple view-points into a unified perspective. Rather, the communities structure at the conference allows CHI attendees of varying backgrounds and interests to look through multiple aspects of the CHI lens to generate new insights and drive new innovation. The existing Core Communities provide examples of self-sustained organizations upon which the CHI 2011 Featured Communities can build to further energize the conference for us all. We invite you all to participate in the communities activities at CHI 2011 and to contribute ideas and energy to communities at CHI for years to come!

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