The Solar Orbiter Imager (SoloHI) Instrument for the Solar Orbiter Mission


Howard, R. A., Vourlidas, A., Korendyke, C. M., Plunkett, S. P., Carter, M. T., Wang, D., . . . Lamy, P. L. (2013, 25-26 August). The solar orbiter imager (SoloHI) instrument for the Solar Orbiter mission. Paper presented at the Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation V, San Diego, California.



We present the design and pre-launch performance of the Solar Orbiter Heliospheric Imager (SoloHI) which is an instrument prepared for inclusion in the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter mission, currently scheduled for launch in 2020.


The goal of this paper is to provide details of the SoloHI instrument concept, design, and pre-flight performance to give the potential user of the data a better understanding of how the observations are collected and the sources that contribute to the signal.


The paper discusses the science objectives, including the SoloHI-specific aspects, before presenting the design concepts, which include the optics, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and ground processing. Finally, a list of planned data products is also presented.


The performance measurements of the various instrument parameters meet or exceed the requirements derived from the mission science objectives. SoloHI is poised to take its place as a vital contributor to the science success of the Solar Orbiter mission.

Keywords: Sun: corona, zodiacal dust, space vehicles: instruments, telescopes, instrumentation: miscellaneous.

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