Through the Twitter glass


Dent, K.; Paul, S. Through the Twitter glass. Workshop on Analyzing Microtext at the 25th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence; 2011 August 8; San Francisco, CA.


In a separate study, we were interested in understanding people’s Q&A habits on Twitter. Finding questions within Twitter turned out to be a difficult challenge, so we considered applying some traditional NLP approaches to the problem. On the one hand, Twitter is full of idiosyncrasies, which make processing it difficult. On the other it is very restricted in length and tends to employ simple syntactic constructions, which could help the performance of NLP processing. In order to find out the viability of NLP and Twitter, we built a pipeline of tools to work specifically with Twitter input for the task of finding questions in tweets. This work is still preliminary, but in this paper we discuss the techniques we used and the lessons we learned.

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