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Non-Tech Report  February 19, 2020

Virginia Preschool Initiative Plus (VPI+) Final Evaluation Report

SRI Authors Erika Gaylor, Shari Golan, Kirby A Chow, Todd A. Grindal, Betsy Davies-Mercier, Tejaswini Tiruke



Gaylor, E., Golan, S., Chow, K., Grindal, T., Davies-Mercier, B., Williamson, C., & Tiruke, T. (2019). Virginia Preschool Initiative Plus (VPI+) final evaluation report. SRI International.


The Virginia Preschool Initiative Plus (VPI+) was designed to provide 4-year-old children from low-income families with access to high-quality prekindergarten programs. The Virginia Department of Education contracted with SRI International to evaluate the implementation and impacts of the VPI+ program. SRI researchers found that attending VPI+ had a positive impact on children’s academic and behavioral skills, with the largest impact on literacy skills. In the year between enrolling in VPI+ and beginning kindergarten, participating children developed more than 15 months of mathematics skills and more than 20 months of literacy skills within a 12-month time frame. To learn more about the implementation and impacts of the VPI+ program, please see the full report.

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