Wavelength Dependence of Two Photon and Free Carrier Absorptions in InP


Leonel P. Gonzalez, Joel M. Murray, Srinivasan Krishnamurthy, and Shekhar Guha, “Wavelength dependence of two photon and free carrier absorptions in InP,” Opt. Express 17, 8741-8748 (2009)


Nonlinear absorption at 1.064 and 1.535 μm wavelengths by two photon and free carrier absorption processes in undoped and Fe doped InP has been investigated. Using picosecond and nanosecond duration lasers, a self-consistent set of the two photon and free carrier absorption coefficients are experimentally obtained through nonlinear transmission measurements for the first time. Reduced carrier recombination lifetime caused a decrease in nonlinear absorption of nanosecond duration laser pulses in Fe doped samples.

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