What Is Hard About Representing Biology Textbook Knowledge?


Chaudhri, V. K., Goldenkranz, A., Fikes, R., & Seyed, P. (2011, June). What is hard about representing biology textbook knowledge. In Proceedings of the sixth international conference on Knowledge capture (pp. 185-186).


To scale the knowledge base of a Biology textbook from 50 pages to 300 pages in the context of Project Halo, we have formulated a knowledge factory process. The process involves a sentence-based encoding strategy under which a domain expert examines each sentence in the text-book and represents it in a knowledge base (KB) as best as it can be represented. While encoding each sentence, at least two hard problems must be addressed: defining what it means to represent a sentence and defining the necessary ontology primitives that should be used in that representation. The purpose of this poster presentation is to explain these problems in more detail, and discuss the operational solutions that we have adopted for solving them.

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