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SRI develops sensor technologies with distinct advantages such as high speed, low cost, high sensitivity, and real-time feedback. For clients across many industries, SRI develops, tests, integrates, and deploys customized sensor solutions in these areas and more:

  • Remote sensing of Earth's atmosphere e.g., Advanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar
  • Optical sensing in marine environments
  • Trace gas and aerosol sensing to detect hazardous compounds
  • Optical and biological sensors for national defense and intelligence
  • Upconverting phosphor reporter technology for biowarfare defense
  • Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) for standoff detection of harmful biological agents and explosive substances
  • Ultrasensitive laser spectroscopic sensor systems to detect trace species in the atmosphere 
  • Laser spectroscopic and biomedical sensors for medical diagnostics
  • Point-of-care devices for disease diagnosis and radiation exposure monitoring
  • Intelligent sensors for robots to navigate their surroundings
  • Sensor phenomenology and modeling
  • Vibration imaging sensors


gloved hand inserting a cartridge into the sentinel device

Portable Bioanalysis System

From raw sample to molecular results in minutes: The Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System offers portable, real-time diagnosis of health conditions.

artist's conception of a decomposing electronic component

Silicon/Air Battery for “Vanishing” Electronic Systems

To meet an important military challenge, SRI is designing a sensor system that can disappear on command.

concept illustration of solar orbiter spacecraft approaching the sun

Solar Orbiter Heliospheric Imager (SoloHI)

SRI is developing a customized CMOS imager for the Solar Orbiter spacecraft that will allow scientists to study the sun from a closer distance than any previous mission.

image collage showing SRI's biometric system and a close-up of a man's eyes

Robust Biometric Recognition

SRI International is developing a system that delivers affordable, accurate iris recognition of moving subjects at a distance.