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Robotics, space and quantum

We invent technologies and develop high-performance solutions that change the world.

Focus areas

An invention isn’t an innovation unless it makes an impact. SRI conducts use-inspired R&D to shorten the time to new capabilities and create first-of-their kind prototypes on the most ambitious technological fronts.

Quantum systems

Leading a national consortium to expand quantum R&D and break the cost and size barrier for practical quantum systems.

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Small satellites and payloads

Solutions for the extreme conditions of space and marine environments. Includes payload and instruments, systems engineering and flight mission integration.

Robotics systems

Solutions including dexterous telemanipulation, healthcare automation, service robots and micro-scale assembly platforms. Expertise in AI, algorithm development, sensors and vision.

Diagnostics and medical devices

Remote sensing systems including biological sensor development, microfluidic devices, optical remote sensing, trace gas sensing, sensor modeling and phenomenology.

National security

Addressing national security challenges through expertise in optics, materials, sensors and solid-state devices. Includes cyberspace operations, chemical sensing and secure applied microsystems.

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An autonomous humanoid robot that rides a motorcycle just like a person would? SRI and Yamaha Motors developed MOTOBOT to do exactly that.

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Core competencies

Multi-spectral sensing

From DC to beyond daylight

Extend perception – detect, process and recognize signals across multiple domains

Expert modeling and simulation

From ocean currents to space weather

Accelerate design – use proprietary and commercial codes to predict, validate and optimize performance across diverse applications

Collaborative automation

From robots to cognitive receivers

Develop smart collaborative systems – software-defined controls adapt to the

Advanced engineering solutions

From medical devices to spacecraft

Build disruptive systems and machines – create unique materials, structures, circuits and software

The government sponsors a lot of research but leaves intellectual property with us. It is SRI’s mandate, our requirement to not only make an impact on the people we’re working for, but also on the economy and the well-being of society.


John Crowe

President, Advanced Technology and Systems Division


Our teams excel at taking breakthrough technologies from discovery all the way through to the end user. Following is just a sample of the spin-off companies that got their start in our labs: Visit SRI Ventures