SRI International Engineers New Robotic Technology for Verb Surgical


SRI Robotics has long been known for advancing robotics and delivering new technology platforms to the market. As robotics moves beyond industrial applications to other sectors, such as wearables and medical devices, SRI continues to be a leader in the field.

Today, we are excited to introduce another transformational robotic technology from SRI being brought to market by a new company called Verb Surgical Inc., formed in connection with the strategic collaboration between Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson medical device company, and Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences). Verb Surgical is developing a new robotic surgery platform that will integrate technologies such as advanced imaging, data analysis, and machine learning to enable greater efficiency and improved outcomes across a wide range of surgical procedures. SRI is licensing next-generation robotics technology to Verb Surgical that we believe will impact both the open and minimally invasive surgery markets and ultimately make the benefits of robotic surgery accessible to more patients around the world.

At SRI, our staff is driven to create breakthrough technologies. Our recent scientific advances, many made possible through federal research funding from DARPA and other government agencies, are fundamentally improving the cost/performance ratio of robotic components. We leverage these investments to develop solutions for our commercial clients that are informed by their market needs. As my colleague Manish Kothari, president of SRI Ventures, points out, SRI’s agreement with Verb Surgical is a perfect example of how we work collaboratively across government, academia and industry, and with entrepreneurs and investors, to deliver on SRI’s mission to create world-changing solutions.

Several SRI ventures have transitioned robotics technology from laboratory to marketplace:

  • Now publicly traded and the global leader in the field of robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery, Intuitive Surgical is based on technology that originated at SRI.
  • Redwood Robotics, a joint venture acquired by Google, was formed by SRI, Meka Robotics and Willow Garage to develop robotic arms that are simple to program, inexpensive and safe to operate near people.
  • Artificial Muscle Inc., an SRI spin-off venture acquired by Parker Hannifin, designs, develops and manufactures actuators and sensors based on novel electroactive polymers.
  • Grabit, Inc., another SRI venture, is commercializing our patented electroadhesion technology in new gripping products that could disrupt the world of automation and material handling.

There’s no doubt that the robotics revolution is leading to new opportunities and innovations. You can expect more exciting developments soon from SRI Robotics, as our multidisciplinary team continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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