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Today’s auto industry is challenging and unpredictable no matter where you are on the supply chain. Our deep stable of sensing, AI, robotics and data analytics technologies helps you focus your innovation dollars to realize significant, measurable results in the factory, supply chain and operations, and create new technology pathways for advanced vehicle systems—inside and out.


Customized Solutions for Industry 4.0

Tackle your biggest pain points in operations and logistics by partnering with SRI. Our advanced robotics and AI technologies have been proven across a full range of plants and emerging supply chain environments.

We bring a wealth of expertise tailoring and integrating new technologies for operational efficiency. From autonomous materials handling to custom-developed robots and AI, SRI solutions provide greater flexibility on smart assembly lines, enhance operations and deliver analytic insights to help you achieve key business objectives.

Advanced Sensing and AI for Safer Smart Vehicles

SRI’s technologies can dramatically advance safety, performance, and driver and passenger experience. Our customized sensors and AI process critical information inside the car and out, while our practical expertise helps you integrate innovations rapidly and cost effectively.

Our sensing, analytics and controls technologies have been road tested in applications ranging from fully autonomous vehicles to driver monitoring systems that can detect potentially dangerous conditions, such as fatigue.

Refine manufacturing and logistics

SRI technologies help OEMs and suppliers enhance existing manufacturing and logistics processes for real operating results. Find out more about our capabilities in:

  • Advanced materials handling
  • Automated smart manufacturing to address labor-intensive operations
  • Applied AI and vision for assembly line efficiency and agility
  • Customized robotics and assembly for fine-grained tasks
  • Practical factory digitization to realize Industry 4.0 progress
  • AI-driven predictive analytics for plants and logistics systems
  • AR/VR systems for training and maintenance-related tasks
Advanced R&D for ACES vehicles

The drive toward automated, connected, electric and shared (ACES) vehicles is transforming vehicle design and engineering. SRI’s technologies and expertise augment your in-house R&D in areas including:

  • Advanced optical and lidar systems for improved situational awareness and location information
  • Sensor technologies including cameras and infrared sensors
  • Advanced radar and vision
  • Sensor fusion and analytics
  • External monitoring
  • Software simulation for vision systems
Unique solutions for in-car experience, driver safety

Our technologies help smart vehicles communicate with both drivers and passengers. Custom solutions provide critical driver monitoring for semi-autonomous vehicles, and personalized interior functionality enhances the in-car experience. Talk to us to learn more about:

  • Driver monitoring that assesses behavioral, biometric and biological markers
  • AI-driven speech perception and analytics to assess drivers’ alertness and emotional state
  • AI, vision technology and biosensing to help vehicles “understand” and remember drivers and passengers
  • Driver and passenger personalization that uses biometrics to determine who is in which seat and makes systems adjustments based on preferences or analytics
  • Cyber security
Computer vision

Enable machines to see, understand and remember — everything.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Revolutionizing how we interact with computers and the world around us

Robotics and automation

Harness the robot revolution for the most advanced smart manufacturing