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Robotics collage

Robotics, sensors & devices

From robotic surgery to robots in space, SRI drives state-of-the-art robotics to create smart systems that can sense, think and act. Our R&D teams accelerate the time to creating new autonomous capabilities, innovative components and first-of-their-kind prototypes.

Robotics collage

Focus areas

SRI researchers discover innovative paradigms to invent and develop high-performance solutions. Our teams work together across disciplines to break new ground and solve ambitious challenges.

Robotics systems

Solutions including dexterous telemanipulation, healthcare automation, service robots and micro-scale assembly platforms. Expertise in AI, algorithm development, sensors and vision

Machine design and programming

Rapid machine-learning paradigms, high-efficiency mechanical design, adaptive controls, algorithm development

Sensing and actuation

Coordination of sensing, planning and control; high-performance actuators; haptic feedback; handling kinematic and dynamic constraints in real-time

Remote sensing systems

Advanced technology and systems including incoherent scatter radar; space- and ground-based sensors; and Lidar, imaging, and spectroscopy

Diagnostics and medical devices

Remote sensing systems including biological sensor development, microfluidic devices, optical remote sensing, trace gas sensing, sensor modeling and phenomenology

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