Robotics, sensors, and devices

From robotic surgery to robots in space, SRI drives state-of-the-art robotics to create smart systems that can sense, think and act.

Our R&D teams accelerate the time to creating new autonomous capabilities, innovative components and first-of-their-kind prototypes.

Focus areas

SRI researchers discover innovative paradigms to invent and develop high-performance solutions. Our teams work together across disciplines to break new ground and solve ambitious challenges.

Pushing the envelope and identifying
opportunities where robots can bring value

SRI Robotics solutions have enabled first-of-a-kind innovations in robotics including:

  • Yamaha’s Motobot
  • Minimally invasive telerobotic surgical systems
  • Remotely operated manipulation systems for mining and explosive render-safe.

Today, SRI Robotics is working on innovative solutions to improve the competitiveness of our customers’ robotic products:

  • Artificial muscle actuators
  • Twisted pair transmissions in powered clothing to enhance mobility and aid in the recovery from injury
  • Light and efficient electro-adhesive brakes that enable the next generation of robotic arms and hands
  • Systems to conduct hazardous mining operations or remote repair of satellites in space
  • Lightweight infinity variable transmissions and AI-mediated robotic surgery to provide timely treatment to people injured in remote locations
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SRI’s telemanipulation software integrated with Staubli robot arm.

Get up and running 

SRI’s telemanipulation software is being integrated with 3rd party robot arms so that pharmaceutical companies can test a number of use cases and proof-of-concepts. To find out how SRI’s system can help solve your big challenges that require telemanipulation.

Our work

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Core competencies

Multi-spectral sensing

From DC to beyond daylight

Extend perception – detect, process and recognize signals across multiple domains.

Collaborative automation

From robots to cognitive receivers

Develop smart collaborative systems – software-defined controls adapt to the application, environment and operation.

Advanced engineering solutions

From medical devices to spacecraft

Build disruptive systems and machines – create unique materials, structures, circuits and software.