Christopher Ortiz

Research Assistant, SRI Education

Christopher Ortiz has a passion for learning and is always willing to learn new skills that help projects. This includes learning to create surveys to facilitate data collection, using platforms like QuickBase to build databases, and writing custom programs to clean datasets for analysis. On the other hand, one of Ortiz’s most enjoyable tasks is working directly with clients, partners, and study participants to implement study design or collect data.

Ortiz has spent many years working around education. He has experience teaching, tutoring, and creating content, and now is focusing on research that informs new teaching and learning practices. Ortiz is interested in a variety of education research fields, but most of his work is in the intersection of technology and early childhood development.

Ortiz received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from UC Davis and has a background in creating interactive math content for K–12 students using various programming languages and learning platforms.

Key projects

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