Nonye M. Alozie

Principal Education Researcher, SRI Education

Nonye M. Alozie, PhD, specializes in science education, science standards-based assessment design using evidence centered design, classroom research, machine learning to understand human-human interactions in learning settings, and scientific discourse. Her work also aims to provide quality science education through equitable and inclusive learning opportunities and experiences.

Alozie’s background is in biology and science education. Before joining SRI, she was an assistant professor at Albion College, a small liberal arts college in Michigan. She taught undergraduate courses in elementary and secondary math and science pedagogy and elementary and secondary reading in the content area. She also developed and implemented a co-ed molecular biology and biotechnology outreach program for under-resourced high school students and a museum studies program for girls.

Alozie was awarded her doctorate in science education and MS in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Michigan. She has a BS in organismic biology, ecology, and evolution from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Key projects

  • Automated Collaboration Skills Assessment
  • National Comprehension Center Service Center: Designing for Diversity: A Systematic Curriculum Design Approach for Incorporating Equity and Inclusion Design Principles in STEM
  • Science Projects Integrating Computing and Engineering
  • Speech Based Learning Analytics for Collaboration
  • Next Generation Science Assessments in Life Science

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