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Savitha Moorthy Jan 22, 2016

How can digital media and technology support the learning and development of young children? In this post, we describe how new research from EDC and SRI informs and advances the dialogue.

Miya T Warner, Kyra Caspary Dec 15, 2015

SRI Education has been evaluating the development and implementation of Linked Learning district systems and examined their impact on student outcomes in California.

Rich Mahoney Dec 10, 2015

Another transformational robotic technology from SRI is being brought to market.

Jeremy Roschelle Dec 3, 2015

SRI Education researchers contributed to the UK’s Open University annual report on important educational trends for teachers and policymakers.

Kerry Friedman Nov 24, 2015

Families are critical stakeholders for early childhood and educational services, and they need data literacy and an understanding of how data are being used to inform decisions.

Roy Kornbluh Nov 24, 2015

What if each of us had our own heating and cooling system that could regulate our individual thermal comfort? What impact could that have on reducing overall energy consumption?

Elaine Mulligan Nov 23, 2015

To help teachers address all domains of learning, SRI Education is working on developmentally appropriate, observation-based assessment focused on the whole child.

Bruce Knoth, Dimitra Vergyri Nov 11, 2015

SRI and NYU Langone Medical Center are examining the feasibility of using speech analytics for assessing PTSD in veterans.

Barbara Means Nov 10, 2015

SRI Education was honored to participate in the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools, which included discussion on how to expand STEM opportunities for groups under-represented in high-growth fields. If we truly want to increase the participation of under-represented groups...

Eric Snow, Marie Bienkowski Oct 28, 2015

SRI Education is developing assessments for a new high school curriculum that focuses on developing students’ problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

Thomas Webb Oct 5, 2015

An intricate and poorly understood molecular machine appears to have great promise as a new drug target class and is an Achilles’ heel for certain types of cancer. This molecular machine is called the spliceosome.

Oct 1, 2015

With the passage of the 2015-16 budget, California policy makers provided a significant boost to Early Childhood Education (ECE). Yet the task remains unfinished. While California’s spending on ECE will be about $2.47 billion this year, this amount still is far short of 2008 levels. As a result,...