Opening the Door: An Introduction to SRI Education

How can we make education research more impactful? How can experts and stakeholder groups work together to reduce barriers and optimize outcomes for students and families across the U.S.?

On the premiere episode of The SRI Homeroom podcast, Host Kori Hamilton Biagas joins Todd Grindal, Co-Director of the Center for Learning and Development with SRI Education, to discuss some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s educators, researchers, policymakers, and parents, and the innovative work being done to meet those challenges head-on.

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Todd Grindal is Co-Director of the Center for Learning and Development with SRI Education and a lecturer at Harvard University. Learn more about Todd’s work and connect with him.

Kori Hamilton Biagas serves as Communications Program Manager with SRI Education. Learn more about Kori’s work and connect with her.

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