David Zhang

Senior Technical Manager, Vision Systems Laboratory, Center for Vision Technologies

David Zhang, Ph.D., is the Senior Technical Manager of the Edge Computing Group at SRI International. His group studies AI online learning and adaptation at the edge, focusing on the algorithm-hardware codesign of neuromorphic architecture for low power AI devices. The group develops disruptive solutions in real-time multi-sensor fusion and smart visions.

David has expertise in computer vision, machine learning and edge computing, with experience in computational sensing and real-time video processing, and image enhancements in degraded visual environment. His recent research is on Hyperdimensional Computing, gradient-free learning, federated learning at the edge and efficient big data ML processing. His work on quantized neural network has supported a spin-off company which won the 2020 Startup of the Year Award by IoT World. He was a PI or CO-PI on numerous DARPA/DoD programs, including DARPA Prowess, DARPA IP2, IARPA MicroE4AI and ARPA-E MicroCam.  He is also leading the SRI IRAD NeuroEdge program. David received his PhD in Physics from Penn State in 2001.  He has had over 30 published papers, more than 10 patents and numerous patent applications.

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