Jeremy Fritts

Research Analyst, SRI Education

Jeremy Fritts has over 10 years of experience in database development, project coordination, data collection management and reporting. He is experienced using platforms such as Qualtrics and Quick Base to program online surveys, manage survey distributions, support summary and reporting needs and create secure cloud-based tracking systems.

As a data specialist at SRI, Fritts supports projects with end-to-end needs, from initial planning and development efforts to data cleaning and analysis tasks. He has multiple years of experience supporting the data needs of projects through interacting with children, teachers, school administrators and organizational partners. Before joining SRI, Fritts worked as an education project assistant and acting assessment coordinator at the University of Oregon’s Child and Family Center. He supported projects implementing family support services in communities facing socioeconomic barriers and helped to assess the impacts of those services.

Fritts holds a BS in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism from Colorado State University.

Key projects

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