Patrick Thornton

Principal Scientific Programmer/ Analyst, SRI Education

Patrick Thornton, Ph.D., is a lead programmer, he provides consultation, development, and implementation of data-related strategies across a project life cycle. Thornton often works with project teams on data specifications, data collection or acquisition, study management and analysis databases, data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), data validation, descriptive and inferential analysis, and applications development.

Thornton is certified in SAS Base 9.2 and has made more than 30 presentations to the SAS User Group community, including local and regional SAS user groups and the SAS Global Forum. He has received three best contributed paper awards, including one for the Reporting and Information Visualization Section at the 2013 SAS Global Forum. Thornton is also a long-time user of Visual Basic for Applications with the Microsoft Office Suite, including MS Access.

Thornton has a comprehensive background in child services research, successfully completing the two-year Post-Doctoral Clinical Services Research Evaluation Training Program at the University of California San Francisco. He served as a research associate for five years at UCSF’s Child Service Research Group before joining SRI in 2005.

Thornton earned a minor in computer science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, an MA in criminal justice from University of Louisiana, and a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Texas Tech University.

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