EduSpeak® speech recognition toolkit


EduSpeak is a speech recognition toolkit specifically designed for developers of language-learning applications (such as for English as a Second Language, or ESL) and other educational and training software. The technology is available for license from SRI.

Increasingly, educators, publishers, employers, and consumers use interactive, computer-based materials to teach or train students of all ages. Adding speech recognition is a principal way to enhance these materials’ interactivity and ultimate effectiveness. However, general-purpose speech recognition systems lack the broad array of multimedia development interfaces essential for use with diverse educational platforms.

Unlike those general-purpose systems, EduSpeak works with Flash, Java, ActiveX, and C/C++. EduSpeak works for both adult and child voices. EduSpeak excels at recognizing both native and non-native speakers. And no other speech recognition system includes SRI’s patented human-calibrated pronunciation-scoring technology—a critical product differentiator for interactive language learning and assessment, and for reading instruction applications. EduSpeak is a product of SRI’s Speech Technology and Research Laboratory, a world leader in speech technology research and development.

Key features

  • Wide range of programming interfaces
  • Recognizes adult and child voices
  • Works for native and non-native speakers
  • Human-calibrated pronunciation scoring
  • Deployable locally, via download, CD- or DVD-ROM media, or client/server or cloud services


Operating systems

  • Windows XP or later
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Linux
  • Android

Development environments

  • Flash, Java (via JNI), ActiveX, C/C++, Java Script, and Director
  • Client/server versions available
  • All major web browsers

Supported languages

  • Adults: American and British English, Latin American Spanish, Iraqi Arabic, Pashto, and Dari (others on request)
  • Children: American English
  • Grammars: GSL/JSGF forms; static or dynamic; natural language understanding

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