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Speech and Natural Language Images

Speech & natural language

The human voice is a powerful tool. SRI’s speech and language technologies not only allow us to interact more naturally with computing applications—they also provide a wealth of actionable information about our intentions, health and emotional state.

Speech and Natural Language Images

Core technologies and applications

SRI’s Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory brings together a multidisciplinary mix of engineers, computer scientists and linguists. Together our experts build systems for a wide range of applications including signal processing; data indexing and mining; and computer-aided learning.

Speech recognition

Noise robustness

Speech production and perception-based features

Keyword spotting

Prosodic modeling and disfluencies

Speech & audio analytics

Voice biometrics

Language/accent identification

Speaker and speaker-state characterization

Audio event detection

Speaker diarization

Machine translation

Speech-to-Speech translation

Cross-lingual information retrieval

Machine-mediated cross-lingual communication

Natural language understanding

Human-computer interaction

Dialog systems and virtual personal assistants (VPAs)

Error detection and recovery

Semantic and syntactic parsing

Information extraction

Multi-lingual information extraction

Topic and event identification


Question answering


I love to work here because SRI International is a place where you find people smarter and nicer than you. They keep me pushing in the right direction and challenging me every day, but with respect and kindness. What else can you ask for?

Diego Castan-Lavilla

Advanced Computer Scientist, Information & Computer Science Division

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