Interactive Aids For Cartography and Photo Interpretation


Barrow, H. G. (1977). Interactive aids for cartography and photo interpretation. SRI INTERNATIONAL MENLO PARK CA.


This report covers the six-month period October 1975 to April 1976. In this report, the application areas of ARPA-supported Machine Vision work at SRI were changed to Cartography and Photointerpretation. This change entailed general familiarization with the new domains, exploration of their current practices and uses, and determination of outstanding problems. In addition, some preliminary tool-building and experimentation have been performed with a view to determining feasibility of various AI approaches to the identified problems. The work of this period resulted in the production and submission to ARPA of a proposal for research into Interactive Aids for Cartography and Photointerpretation. This report will not reiterate in detail the content of the proposal, but will refer the reader to it for further information.

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