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Tech Report  February 27, 2020

Evaluation of the Oakland Health Pathways Project: Final Report

SRI Authors C.J. Park, Wei-Bing Chen, Candice Benge



Warner, M., Park, C. J., Chen, W., Benge, C., Fikes, A., & McMurchy, M. (2020). Evaluation of the Oakland Health Pathways Project: Final Report. Menlo Park, CA: SRI Education.


This final evaluation report presents findings from the Oakland Health Pathways Project (OHPP), a joint initiative of Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), Alameda Health System, and Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. The initiative is designed to improve educational and long-term employment outcomes for youth of color in Oakland (Alameda County), California, while expanding and diversifying the local health care workforce. It applies Linked Learning, an approach to college and career preparation that combines classroom learning with real-world work experiences. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the implementation and impact of the OHPP initiative, including lessons learned from the partnership. It also documents the implementation of the OHPP in OUSD, including efforts to expand and enhance health pathways. The report also draws on student survey and focus group data to describe students’ experience in health pathways and their perceptions of their college and career readiness. Finally, the high school and early postsecondary outcomes are compared for health pathway students and their peers in traditional high school programs and other career-themed pathways.

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