Recent Developments in Voice Biometrics: Robustness and High Accuracy



Scheffer, N., Ferrer, L., Lawson, A., Lei, Y., & McLaren, M. (2013, November). Recent developments in voice biometrics: Robustness and high accuracy. In 2013 IEEE international conference on technologies for homeland security (HST) (pp. 447-452). IEEE.


Recently, researchers have tackled difficult voice biometrics problems that resonate with the defense and research communities. These problems include non-ideal recording conditions that are frequently found in operational scenarios, such as noise, reverberation, degraded channels, and compressed audio. In this article, we highlight SRI’s innovations that resulted from the IARPA Biometrics Exploitation Science & Technology (BEST) and the DARPA Robust Automatic Transcription of Speech (RATS) programs, as well as SRI’s approach for codec degraded speech. We show how these advancements support the case for the biometrics community adopting the use of speaker recognition.

Keywords: voice biometrics, speaker recognition, forensics

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